THAT! Inventions

That! Inventions promise to create a better kitchen experience through technology by the launch of a range of award winning pioneering eco-friendly kitchen products.

That! Inventors work closely with textile, plastic and industrial technology research centres to fast forward the future of kitchen innovation.

From May 2015 Scoop That! and Spread That! will be available at Selfridges.



A butter knife that actually melts butter!

  • The first self-warming butter knife to work without electricity
  • Thermal conductive titanium to transmit heat from your hand to the blade of the knife
  • Cutting edge design that allows you to spread butter straight from the fridge


Meet ScoopTHAT! the world's first thermo-ring, heated ice cream scoop

  • Using a heat exchange liquid within the handle the scoop edge is heated
  • Perfect ball of ice cream every time
  • Cuts through the ice cream, rather than melting



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